Expanded on several occasions Muovisola Ltd began operations in 1993 as a small subcontracting company , with uncompromising quality and flexible service as it’s driving force. Still going strong with second generation of Kontkanen family.

A Old village school of Sola has experienced a complete makeover to satisfy specific hygiene requirements and modern technologies in production mode. Muovisola Ltd employs 20 people (2015 ), and brings work to a number of subcontracting companies in North Karelia.

Muovisola is committed to enviromental stewardship. We educate, engage and empower employees to participate in our efforts to reduce the impact of our business on the enviroment. We are compliant and exceeding with all relevant legislation and regulations in regards to enviromental sustainability. Muovisola Ltd has a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and enviromental management systems.