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Muovisola works to preserve our shared environment by always following environmental regulations and legislation in all activities. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified to ensure proper quality in our work and environmental procedures.

Muovisola Oy


Muovisola Oy was founded in 1993 as a small subcontractor company that has since then been pushed forward by uncompromising quality standards and flexible service. Since its early days, the company has expanded several times. Currently, operations are being run by a second generation of the founding Kontkanen family.

What used to be a small school for the village of Sola has since been completely transformed into a modern production facility that meets even the highest hygiene standards. Muovisola currently employs 20 people (2018) and commissions work from several subcontractors in its native North Karelia region.

Muovisola Oy - Injection molding, Insert molding - Plastic products manufacturing

25 years of plastic product manufacturing

All about plastic

We provide a full production chain for your products. Our services range from design and development to storing finished products. In many cases, an injection molded product is not ready to be sold without further processing. We can, for example, assemble products from multiple components, mark your products, or conduct functionality tests on your products.