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Mold production

Mold design and production is carried out by our trusted partners. We have built a large network with considerable specialized expertise. This way we always get a mold that meets our specifications.

Test drives

We always test new molds before commencing production to ensure that the product meets all of its requirements. We also provide test drive services to mold manufacturers.

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Service and storage

We perform mold maintenance mainly at our own premises. Through regular mold maintenance, we make sure that molds remain in good, operational condition for a long time. We store molds in line with proper professional standards, and they are always ready to go if we need to start production.

25 years of plastic product manufacturing

All about plastic

We provide a full production chain for your products. Our services range from design and development to storing finished products. In many cases, an injection molded product is not ready to be sold without further processing. We can, for example, assemble products from multiple components, mark your products, or conduct functionality tests on your products.