Muovisola Oy - Product Design - Plastic products manufacturing

Product design

The design stage is an important part of product development, and it should be handled with care. If production and manufacturability are taken into account from the beginning, a lot of money can be saved, for example, in tools and later on in automation. We can help you avoid unnecessary expenses already in the design and development stage. Product design can be a game changer!

New product introduction

It’s best to consider your product’s entire lifecycle already in the design stage. If the product is aimed at high-volume production, 3D printing is a good place to start because printed products allow for easy functionality testing. Next, a simple prototype mold can help resolve possible issues, as the prototype is made from the actual materials, and this gives you a good sense of how well the mold solution fits the purpose. After these two stages, it’s safe to move forward and start designing the actual production molds that are used to mold several units at once.

Muovisola Oy - Product Design - Plastic products manufacturing

25 years of plastic product manufacturing

All about plastic

We provide a full production chain for your products. Our services range from design and development to storing finished products. In many cases, an injection molded product is not ready to be sold without further processing. We can, for example, assemble products from multiple components, mark your products, or conduct functionality tests on your products.